Our Goal

We strive to partner with like-minded individuals, policymakers, private organizations, research institutions, and corporations who recognize the direct relationship between early environmental enhancement and the development of lifelong cognitive, social, emotional and health-related capabilities. By creating and validating tools and practices which improve and enhance a baby’s earliest surroundings, we can provide the opportunity for early intervention on behalf of children who begin life under the most disadvantaged of circumstances. Our endeavor is to encourage and equip every parent, caregiver and family member to take a positive, proactive role in improving the development and lifelong success of the children in their lives.

Together we can change the world 
- one child at a time.
A child does not choose the family he or she is born into, but society can enrich the opportunity of
disadvantaged children to flourish.
Professor James J. Heckman, Nobel Laureate

BabyPlus® ForGood Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to promote, facilitate and deliver technology and guidance for the optimization and enrichment of the early childhood environment.

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