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Dr. Meghan Howell, MD, FAAP

The BabyPlus ForGood Foundation is pleased to announce our collaboration with Dr. Meghan Howell, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Tulane University School of Medicine and Director of the Perinatal Exposures and Child Health (PEACH) Lab.

Dr. Howell's team studies the impact of prenatal and early neonatal exposures on infant health trajectories, with a specific focus on the repercussions on the baby's autonomic nervous system, stress response and cardiovascular health. She is interested in exposures ranging from infants born extremely preterm, infants with prolonged neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stays, and those born with prenatal substance exposure. Her goal is to better understand how providers can influence the NICU environment through non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatments and parental supports, and how these adjunct treatments can improve parental mental health and longitudinal infant outcomes. She currently is working together with the BabyPlusForGood Foundation to study the influence of environmental enrichment, specifically prenatal auditory stimuli, on preterm infants.

BabyPlus® ForGood Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to promote, facilitate and deliver technology and guidance for the optimization and enrichment of the early childhood environment.

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