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Today, as physicians, educators, economists and scientists recognize the crucial and indisputable role that the enrichment of a baby’s environment plays in physical, emotional and cognitive development, the value of research into this early investment becomes clear. Healthy, positive environmental conditions, both in the womb and the first years of life, are vital and have an impact that can be measured and quantified. Most profoundly, over the course of a child's lifetime, these positive outcomes can be substantially life-altering. 

At BabyPlus ForGood, we have made scientific research, with a focus on improving the future and quality of life for babies who start from the most disadvantaged beginnings, a top priority. Clinical studies to validate the use of specific tools and practices that capitalize on the earliest window of opportunity for environmental enrichment are critical to enhance childhood developmental outcomes which result in increased success in school and throughout life. We are currently working with research scientists to fund studies that measure the influence of auditory environmental enrichment on markers of infant and maternal health. This important work will provide a better understanding of how non-invasive, nonpharmacological treatments can have positive, long-term effects on both babies and their mothers.

BabyPlus® ForGood Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to promote, facilitate and deliver technology and guidance for the optimization and enrichment of the early childhood environment.

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