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The purposeful enhancement of a baby’s environment, from the womb during the prenatal period through the age of three, plays a critical role in healthy cognitive development. It cannot be overemphasized how vital these first years of life are in shaping literally every aspect of a child’s future. Building a strong neurological foundation is key to academic readiness and to the fostering of lifelong critical thinking capabilities. Clinical studies clearly demonstrate that an investment of time and resources into the enrichment and optimization of a child’s earliest surroundings, through touch, sound and sight, has a direct impact on longterm health, learning, and well-being.

At BabyPlus ForGood, we endeavor to instruct and encourage parents, early caregivers, educators and professionals in the medical community about the enormous importance of a child’s earliest environment. By increasing awareness of the lifelong impact of creating an optimal environment during the prenatal and early years, we can equip caregivers at every level to take a positive, proactive role in enhancing the development and lifelong success of the children in their lives. The benefits which result from this early investment and intervention cannot be duplicated later.

BabyPlus® ForGood Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to promote, facilitate and deliver technology and guidance for the optimization and enrichment of the early childhood environment.

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